Discover the Method that reveals the 6 Physical Principles of Classical Ballet in the film
Ballet's Secret Code
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 150+ videos with commentaries
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A method that is pure and anatomically sound 
Discover the universal principles available to any dancer 
 Accessible, Artistic, Empowering
Exercises full of invention, beauty and long-forgotten steps
Explore the mind of a Master through 
The Six Physical Principles
      underlying the Cecchetti Method
A technique for the theatre

Cecchetti's Days of the Week 

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Here you can access the Ballet's Secret Code collection, that's over 150 videos with commentaries by director Julie Cronshaw.

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"What a labour of love! This documentary and the fantastic website have given me much food for thought. Thanks for your wonderful contribution to dance knowledge and education - I have recommended it to three colleagues already!" - Maxine R.

"What a vital source to go to! Thanks for your marvelous work! I can't wait to incorporate the new knowledge into my teaching!" - Patrick S.

"I am reliving my ballet classes of MANY decades a Checchetti oriented NYC ballet school." Susan P.

"Brilliant. Every dancer needs to see this." - William W.

"Learned so much.We must maintain the integrity and the originality of ballet." - Emily S.

"For the sake of every dancer I hope these words are heard." - Tammy S.

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Ballet’s Secret Code

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 Accessible, Artistic, Empowering
Discover the Method of Enrico Cecchetti through     
The Six Physical Principles
of Classical Ballet
Dance better now and into maturity!  
Ballet today is  acknowledged as one of the highest art forms in the world, but it is also known to be a risky business: all too often chewing up the bodies and minds of its devotees and spitting out the seeds.

Life-changing injuries decimate careers and obliterate decades of a dancer's dedication, leaving some of the very best in the business on the scrapheap. Ballet training today aims to develop athletic, hyper-flexible dancers whose sensational physical prowess astounds and mesmerises their audience.
But at what cost? 
And where did all those classroom steps go?   

Enter Maestro Cavalieri Enrico Cecchetti and the Method he called
The Days of the Week

 Explore the Six Physical Principles of classical ballet revealed through the Maestro's diverse, dynamically intricate and artistically nuanced enchaînements.
Preserved over generations and handed down from teacher to student, they are beautiful, challenging, different and practical, a gateway to an alternative way of thinking about classical ballet training.
Develop ballet technique through step-combinations that require skill, precision and dedicated practice but also work within, not beyond, anatomical limits. You could even reduce the potential for injury. 

"I hope they will be an inspiration to your training, teaching or choreography.... a treasured resource and a path of stepping-stones to the next level of technique and performance. Enjoy! "
Julie Cronshaw

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